• VUMCU's JAF Program Featured In The Washington Post
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  • What Our Members Are Saying About Sprig, Our New Mobile Banking:
    “I just want to say how much Sprig is saving my life! I hope that it is helping other members as much as it is helping me. Thank you." Mary D.
  • Special Notice Regarding Account Statements
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Transfer Your Balances To A VUMCU VISA®

If you are a VUMCU member, your family is
eligible including children, siblings, parents, grandparents, grandchildren and spouse
Membership lasts a lifetime and provides financial advantages at every stage of life.

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With no transfer fee on balance transfers

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*VUMCU VISA® cards are subject to approval and rates are based on individual's credit score.

"Helping our members earn all they can and save all they can so they can give all they can"